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To think about how you think and learn material in a subject. To identify your changes in understanding and the learning activities that best help you learn and solve complex problems.

The Assignment

Objective: Students will prepare a digital image product that displays images and information discovered about the content being covered.

  • Take a picture of an item that could show a concept learned in the unit. For example, a picture of an animal could be used though the concept could be “All living things are made of cells.”
  • Be creative. Your 6 word stories will be a collection of images. Images should be yours, either taken out of class, or one of your group's images. If a picture from the web is used, it must be from flickr creative commons and attributed to the owner.
  • Being engaging with your image and concise with your information is the point. Be sure the concept you learned is evident.
  • Your concept in 6 words. An American master in the art of storytelling was Ernest Hemingway. His best work, as he once said, was a story he wrote in just six words:
    'For sale: baby shoes, never worn.'
  • Your picture needs to address in 6 words a biology concept that we have discussed in class. It must show the process of that concept.
  • When finished, upload your photo to flickr. You will need to make an account or you can upload to a class account (see your teacher for access info.)
  • Tag your photos with the tag: acabioportfolio.
  • Write a paragraph about why you chose that photo and what you understand about the concept you chose. Be sure you apply that content to your 6 words and your choice of photo. Place the picture and the paragraph on your blog.
  • Look again at the picture and the paragraph you wrote earlier in your blog about what you understand about the concept. This time, reflect on what you understand now about the content and how that is different from your understanding before. What new understandings do you have? If you were to do the 6 word photo story again, what would you change? How has understanding of the content changed how you understand and identify with the world? What connections can you make with other content from class or from other classes?

Examples of 6 word stories on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/sixwordstory/
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/


1. Take your own picture that demonstrates a concept you want to talk about. It is suggested that you take your own picture. Think big.
2. Create a 6 word caption that show your concept in a unique way.
3. Write a blog post that accomplishes the following:
  • what the 6 word story means
  • what you understood about the concept before we studied it in class
  • what you understood now after we studied it in class
  • activities that we did that really helped you understand the concept or opened your eyes to new information you were not aware of

Resources for creating pictures with text

Use a paint program, adobe photoshop, powerpoint, or excel
Use word to create a great title