George R

Drew B

Derek C

Candy lab questions to answer:

1. Why is it better to have only 2 choices at each step instead of more?Cause it would be more confusing.
2. What problems did you encounter in using the dichotomous key? Be specific and discuss fully. some of the candys had had some of the same similarities and it was hardto classify them.
3. How did you resolve your problems in #2? we would go over the the candy to see what mistakes we made.
4. Do classification keys go from general to specific characteristics or from specific to general characteristics? Explain why. specific to general becasue as u get closer to the answer the less specific to has to get.
5. What does the first and second part of the Latin name represent in the scientific name of the organism? the formal system of naming species by zoologists
6. Research Carolus Linnaeus and his contribution to modern classification.
7. What is a dichotomous key? (define)
8. What is binomial nomenclature? (define)
9. Briefly describe how classification has changed before and after Linnaeus. Research Aristotle...
10. List the order of classification groups from Kingdom down to species.


George’s Heart Beat

Before: 126

After: 130

Derek’s Heart Beat

Before: 108

After: 135

For our workout we went to the wrestling room and climbed the rope. After we climbed the rope we did push ups. Then after we did pushups we did jumps. Next we went to the gym and played basketball for about ten minutes after spending about 10 minutes in the wrestling room. Finally after playing basketball we ran up the steps to complete our workout.
Our workout was about a total of 20 minutes. Derek’s heart rate went up more than George’s of the heart rates went up from the workout.




- autotroph
- they can found in deep lagoons, ponds or ditches
-they have red eye spots that detect the light
-in the summer is a good time to find a lot of volvox

green hydra


- heterotroph
they go through 4 stages before they become an adult.