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Aimee B


My name is Aimee, in this photo I'm with my friend Julie (: what I like to do when I have nothing else is go riding, have fires with my family, and hang out with friends. In the summer I have a job working at Buff's Ice Cream. When I graduate from High School I want to go to Clarion University for business, so I can own Buff's. The only pets I have are a dog, and some fish. I live with my dad and brother. My birthday is on December 4th.


1. Oats are grown in every continental state to some extent. (
2. Some foods tat are made from oats are cereal, oatmeal, rolled oats, and one of the most common uses for it is as livestock feed. (Wikipedia)
3. Interesting information about oats is its the third most important grain crop in the United states.
( The oldest known oat grains were found in Egyptian remains from about 2000 BC. Oats can be used medically for the treatment of rheumatism, depression, chronic neurological pain, and loss of bladder control. it is also a facial cleanser and a softener.(http://www.pharmainfo.ner/drgunasakaran1/some-interesting-facts-about-oats)

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