Feedback from the environment:

1. What particular sensory structures does the organism have? What advantage exists for that specific structure? are there similarities to structures found in the other organisms?

the particular sensory structures that the pig has are the basic senses.the main ones are: hearing, taste,
and, smell

for the Crayfish, the main sensory items are its antenna and its eyes. this allows it to see and to feel its way around. basically antenna are a second set of eyes.


Starfish: the star fish has receptors on its underside that provide it with a sense of feeling.


The similar structures in these organisms are the eyes between the pig and the crayfish, and the sense of feeling between the pig and the starfish.

2. how has evolution been part of their survival?
Evolution has allowed these organisms to develop things such as an exoskeleton and other things that would protect them from predators.

3. Follow the txonomy of each of the organisms from kingdoms to species.
4. What are their cousins? what is one of their past ancestor (extinct) of which they share something in common?

Pig: A cousin of the pig is the wart hog. An ancestor to the pig was the Pig Bodine with which they share there main anatomy.
Crayfish: The cousins of the crayfish are lobsters, crabs, shrimps, prawns, barnacles, and krill. An ancestor to the crayfish is the lobster with which they share their exoskeleton and other anatomy.
Starfish: A cousin of the starfish is the seahorse. An ancestor to the starfish is the Ordovician with which they share their environment which is the ocean or salt water, and being jawless.